Friday, July 15, 2016

Bath and Body Giveaway!

This past week has been simply amazing! A lot people were exposed to over 70 Bath and Body Companies that they had no idea existed! I've received inboxes about how their traffic and sales have increased and check out this cute Periscope done by Natural Mixologist about this list! So as a thank you, I figured it would be a great time to have a GIVEAWAY! 8 Black owned bath and body shops have gotten together and supplied products for a giveaway!

Companies in this giveaway: \
From Lia (Handmade Soaps)
Sophias Naturals (Body Scrub)
The Afro Whisperer (Body Oil)
Naturally Me (Bath Truffle)
Bask and Bloom Essentials (Facial Moisturizer)
Karess Krafters (Toner & Natural Deodorant))
Elle Skincare Co. (Oil Facial Cleanser)
Naturel Lyfe (Black Soap)
Kara Knox Skincare (Serum)

How to enter:
Click this link, enter your email and you're done! 


  1. What a sweet idea. I love The Afro Whisper's products.
    I definitely need to check out these other companies.

  2. So happy more of us are seeing the power in purchasing products made by us..


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