Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beard, Hair & Skin Products For Black Men

Black men often get forgotten when it comes to natural hair & skin care products. There are hundreds of natural products for women and often women complain that their significant others steal their products! Well, guess what ladies? There are some black beard, skin and hair lines for men of color! Shop these brands to get some natural beard, skin and hair products for the men in your life!

1. Noir Classic - A Complete Grooming Line for Men of Color
Free of sulfates, harsh detergents, petroleum and animal products. All vegan. All Natural. 

2. Bask And Bloom Essentials - Bahamian Made With A Line Exclusively for Black Men
3. KBN For Men- Koils By Natural For Men Complete Beard Kit
4. A Naturelle - Beard Grooming Kit
5. Sophia's Naturals - Men Care Products
6. Elle SkinCare Co. - Big Beard Kit

7. CCs Natural - Beard Moisturizer 
8. Scotch Porter - Charcoal and Licorice Face Wash
9. Naturel Lyfe Men - Beard Butter
10. Lumeria Body Care - Men's Soaps
11. Creative Culture - Beard Butter
12. Babe Of Brooklyn - Beard Balm

If you know of anymore, please leave the link in the comments and they will be added! Now you can get the black men in your live together with skin, hair & beard products made exclusively for them!


  1. Nice post!

  2. . Plant based, organic and all natural men's beard grooming care


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